About me

Jordi Alemany Sabater

My hobbies: science and painting

About me

As you can see, my brain constantly comes up with new ideas on how to focus on the paintings and make the most of the different subtleties.

From 1997, when I finished my education, I have been progressing and investigating my strengths in order to create my own style.

The experience of creating a painting is visually and internally rewarding.

I can’t stop creating, and often I see myself wrapped in a passionate creativity.

Jordi Alemany


Exposició pintura juny 2017
Exposició pintura març 2017
Exposició pintura setembre 2016

After 20 years of experience (1997-2018) in the world of art and science I have achieved a style that is different from the conventional one.

I’ve studied in art schools from Palamós and from La Bisbal and Salt (next to Girona), but I’m also a very self-educated person and I’m open to any expectation and change.


More than 500 works available to everyone. You can admire varied series of paintings such as forests, figurative, still life … all in watercolour, charcoal, acrylic. Empordà to a great mountain of the Pyrenees.

You can also perceive the European influence from Greece and the cold Norway forests.

In creative process...

... everything is taking shape