4 - Física-Química avançades amb apunts personals

This issue should not be looked at from beginning to end, but instead, you should take a look at The Index and choose from each chapter what subject you want to look at.

These are not curiosities, as you can find diverse material in Chemistry (symmetry, “theory of dimensions”, T of black holes …) trying to respect and give another approach to be more understanding.

I go a step further to the theories already discovered … without wanting to appropriate them.

It is scary to venture into certain fields, and the authors and creators need to be mentioned from the beginning and then analyze if I have something to add.


You can download the chapters separately by clicking on the title of each chapter:


CHAPTER 1  – Gravity + parallel studies

Earth radio
Speed of the satellite
The fourth dimension in mathematical terms

CHAPTER 2  -Forces of nature +circular dynamics

Particle accelerator
Uniform circular moment
Strong nuclear force and weak nuclear power

CHAPTER 3  – Basically elements and groups of symmetry

Symmetry and symmetry elements
Theory of groups and characters
IR and Raman

CHAPTER 4  – Mathematical algebra cases

Equalization of Schrödinger in terms matrix
Canonical bases
Principle of exclusion of Pauli

CHAPTER 5  – Vibration, winding, nature Quarks and more …

Calabi- Yau
Nº of Coiling and Vibration Number
E from Plank
Nature of quarks
Circle chromatic


R eflections parallel to science

CHAPTER 7  – Rocket problem + writings various

Study of everyday curiosities
Mixed racemic and isomers
Rocket problem
Degradation of colors
in the visible spectrum

CHAPTER 8  – Inventions of equations + glands corporals + quarks …

Type of love
Multiple common minimum
Maximum common divisor
More about quarks
More everyday curiosities

CHAPTER 9  – Parts of the plane + study of systems through eq. Schrödinger

Taylor’s polynomial formula
Operation of the television
Parts of the plane
Treatment of wave functions with or puzzles systems to study: atom
Hydrogen, free particle and oscillator

CHAPTER 10  – Political organizational chart + blurring + Theory of groups of GALOIS

Small fragments of the book: “The future Blur or the sky on a chip “, by Bart Kosko
Blurry systems and interpretation of the entropy like a surface calculation;
Chemistry understood as chaos and statistics
Quíntiques roots

CHAPTER 11  – Wave functions + square roots + Tartaria + “curiosities at random” …..

Mechanical resolution of square roots
Quaternion system
Representation of nº’s complexes
and application to wave functions


Cubic, Quartic and Quintic roots

CHAPTER 13  – Lie algebra + supersymmetry + Tremes…

Strong nuclear forces and
weak nuclear forces
Triangular inequality
Liouville von Newmann equation
Groups and Lie algebra
Yang-Mills Fields
Dirac camp
Peiheli of Mercuri

CHAPTER14  – Flux, Gauss, Riemann, and others

Reacció de Belousov-Zhabotinskii
Pendents i àrees
Interseccions i energies
Graus de llibertat

CHAPTER 15  – Singer, Peano, isolation of the dimension D + calculations “in key” of fractals

Laminate and turbulent
Flush and capabilities
Universe of Fournier
Sierpinsky rug
Isolation of the dimension
Curves of Peano
Pulse of Cantor