Jordi Alemany Sabater

Personal page to share my hobbies: painting and science

About me....

I’d like to share with you my hobbies: painting and science.

After 20 years of experience (1997-2018) in the world of art and science I have achieved a style that is different from the conventional one.

I’ve studied in art schools from Palamós and from La Bisbal and Salt (next to Girona), but I’m also a very self-educated person and I’m open to any expectation and change.

More than 500 works available to everyone. You can admire varied series of paintings such as forests, figurative, still life … all in watercolour, charcoal, acrylic. Empordà to a great mountain of the Pyrenees.

You can also perceive the European influence from Greece and the cold Norway forests.


Published books

I’ve published 4 books:

  • Química teòrica per a consultar
  • Química- física implicada
  • Materials didàctics de Física i química (física aplicada)
  • Física-Química avançades amb apunts personals

Other publications

montecarlo Method
a method to dilucidate the tendency to appear a number or another in a casino… read more
Mandelbrot dimensions
MANDELBROT DIMENSIONS: Knowing that in a “euclidean” 1- dimension plane: read more
critical dimension of fractals
θcrit         when in this generator there are no interferences between the sides. read more



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